Indibet Live Cricket

Indibet Live Cricket is the leading online cricket streaming service in the world! With our easy-to-use platform, you can access an enormous range of international cricket matches and tournaments, including the Indian Premier League, the Ashes, and the ICC World Cup.

Thanks to our cutting-edge streaming technology, you can watch cricket in the highest quality possible with no buffering or interruptions.

Additionally, you can keep up with the most recent cricketing activity with rich features like interactive scorecards, match replays, team news, and expert analysis. Why not give Indibet Live Cricket a try right away, regardless of whether you’re an active supporter or a beginner to the sport?

Indibet Live Cricket Services and Features

Indibet’s live cricket services offer an unparalleled experience for cricket fans across the globe. The platform features a full suite of features for players of all levels, from novice to professional. Players have the ability to watch live streaming of cricket matches, read up-to-date news on upcoming tournaments, and get access to score updates and replays.

They even have access to expert commentary and analysis, helping them make informed decisions and stay up-to-date on their favorite teams and players. Additionally, Indibet’s live cricket services provide players with the option to place bets on matches and make informed decisions based on real-time analysis. With its low latency and high-quality visuals, it’s no wonder Indibet is one of the most trusted and reliable sources of live cricket services.


Indibet Cricket Bonus

Our service offers a variety of promotions for cricket betting. Bettor-friendly and advantageous, these offerings provide them more time to save money and receive cash rewards. The promotions also have simple rules and fair eligibility requirements.

In this approach, we only provide you with profitable promotions. The offers are frequently updated, so be sure to check back frequently to avoid missing out on anything fantastic. Let’s take a closer look at the current options below.

Bonus for New Players

You will receive 50 extra cricket bets for creating a new account. With this strategy, you won’t even have to exert any effort beyond registering. It’s a great chance to try out our services without paying anything.


Deposit Bonus

When you first top off your balance with a sum of up to 10,000 rupees, you can receive a 200% bonus on that amount. With your extra cash, you may place bets on both real-world and virtual cricket.

Utilizing this promotion is encouraged by all cricket betting tips because you receive much more than you give.

Daily Jackpot

By placing a bet on one of the 100 cricket matches stated in the terms and conditions of the offer, you can enter to win a prize of 5,000 INR. You may use this cash on any of our services, though.

As a result, it is a very popular offer that only requires a small bet in exchange for the freedom to make more purchases as you like.


Free Bet

If you bet on just one match from the 100 cricket events listed at least five times, you will receive an additional bet fee of 100 INR.

Refer A Friend

The unique promotional code is available in the “Member Info” section of your profile, which you can collect and distribute to at least five friends.

If they enter your code during registration, they will receive an extra 50 INR on their profiles. You are also entitled to the same rewards. Using your bonus funds, you can bet on cricket.


Live Cricket Series By Indibet

Our service offers coverage of the bulk of important domestic and international tournaments to provide you with the best cricket betting chances. We now offer odds on more than 10 different leagues and championships as a result.

Along with current events, the list also includes several events that will take place in the near future. Even though this type of sport is particularly popular in India, there are a variety of games from around the globe that can be bet on. View some of the most significant contests.

ICC Cricket World Cup

India will host this forthcoming international competition. The top 10 teams from around the world will compete in this competition.

The championship has been moved from its original winter date to autumn this year. However, betting is now available! On our official Indibet  website, you can review and wager on our official squad to win!

indibet cricket ICC

Caribbean Premier League

There is yet another important Caribbean event. Only six teams are taking part in this competition. Even though it won’t start until August, you may already make predictions about who will win the competition, who the best players will be, and other things by placing pre-match bets.

The contest is well-sponsored, and the winners take home some sizable awards. Visit our official Indibet website for more information and to select the team you want to wager on and win with.


The Hundred

Currently, a fresh championship is being played out. The competition is spread out across Wales and England. Eight teams of women play against eight teams of men for a sizable cash prize.

For wagering purposes, the competition might be divided into men’s and women’s leagues. You can watch any of the league’s 68 current games. Make sure to use the live betting options we provide to watch the game and make bets once it has begun. Time is running out, so hurry!

County Champion

England and Wales host yet another popular event. 18 people are participating. This contest is thought to be among the most prestigious and well-known ones. The sponsor is LV, one of the biggest British insurance companies.

In both England and Europe, it has a sizable fan base. Better to not miss the chance! Want to find out more and select a betting website? Visit the official Indibet website if you would like.

County Champion

IPL Betting Online

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is conceivably the most well-liked cricket betting competition in India. The Indian Premier League, one of the biggest competitions in the world, has been going on for more than ten years. The eight top teams from India typically compete for numerous accolades and significant rewards.

More than 20 nations watch the coverage of the championship. It receives heavy sponsorship and has a sizable following. On the upcoming 2021 event, wagers can be placed. We offer a wide range of wagering options to our players, including:

    • Wicket Taker of the Year
    • a team that will get to the final.
    • Top 4 teams at the finish
    • The Highest Scoring Runner
    • and so forth.

Choose an event, lay a wager, and win! You can currently bet on some of the events that will take place in September. We give you access to a wide range of marketplaces and precise odds that could help you succeed.

Indibet Live Cricket mark types

Betting on cricket is simple with Indibet. In the Cricketbook section, you can wager on one of two kinds of cricket markets.


This type is thought to be the easiest and is perfect for novice gamblers. The bookmaker provides you with possible outcomes of an event, and it is up to you to decide whether to place a wager on them or not. These types of wagers are available at Indibet’s Fancy Markets:

    • Main: (Innings Runs, Fall of Wicket, Runs in Session, Runs in Over, Top Batter, Innings Fours, Innings Sixes);
    • Match: (Innings Fours, Innings Sixes, Odd or Even, Highest Opening Partnership, Highest Score in First Over, Highest Score in First 6 Overs);
    • Session: (Runs in Session, Runs in Over, Boundary Four in Over 1, Boundary Six in Over 1, Wicket in Over 1, Boundary Four in Over 1, Boundary Six in Over 1, Wicket in Over 1).


When placing a wager on a game of this nature, you will guess the outcome of the game. You will receive a reward if you win a wager at these odds. If it’s wrong, you lose, though. The key benefit of this kind is that you are aware of your chances of winning right away. These kinds of wagers are available on fixed markets at Indibet.

    • Main (Over 0.5 Runs off Ball, over 1.5 Runs off Ball, over 3.5 Runs off Ball, Top Bowler);
    • Match (Fours, Sixes, Run Outs, Wickets, Extras);
    • Player (Fall of Wicket, Method of 1st Wicket Dismissal, Top Batter, Top Bowler).
Indibet Betting Cricket Guide

If you want to learn more about betting, follow the step-by-step guide below. 

Indibet Betting Cricket Guide

Here are 5 step-by-step instructions for betting on cricket at Indibet:

    1. Visit the Official Indibet .
    2. Click the Indibet Apk to download the Indibet App.
    3. Register account if you still don’t have. If you already have an account kindly proceed on Indibet LogIn.
    4. To play Indibet cricket, make sure you have enough balance. Or if not, you can proceed with a “deposit” before playing.
    5. After you make a deposit, you can proceed to bet. Please enjoy and select your favorite cricket game.

Live Betting Cricket at Indibet

One of the possibilities at our sportsbook is the chance to wager on cricket in real time.

It’s a special opportunity that enables wagering after the game has started. Consider how the game began and any unexpected outcomes that resulted from it. You can view a list of the events that are currently up for wagering, including those that are now taking place, on the “Cricketbook” website. Live games are provided with odds that are changed continuously throughout play, much like conventional matches. The right column displays a unique table that contains the following information:

Live broadcasting of the event

While placing bets on our website, you can watch it.


It explains the game’s main ideas.


The outcomes of the game are shown.

You must either register for an account on our website or sign in to an existing account in order to utilize the aforementioned services. Considering that everything happens in real time, betting on live cricket is considered to be “live.”

Indibet Live Cricket Betting Tips

It would be a lot easier for you to make precise predictions if you were to take a few betting tips into account and mix them with the provided odds.

Review the list of suggestions below:

    • Try to remember all the crucial information about the game you intend to wager on. Follow any news and occurrences involving the team you intend to wager on. The smallest of circumstances may have an impact on the results.
    • When a team plays on its home field, it has an advantage. It’s no coincidence that playing at home offers athletes much greater comfort and fan support.
    • Make the weather a constant topic of discussion. The test match might even be rejected, which would completely change the course of the game.
    • Look over teams’ past performances, especially if they have competed against one another. It might offer a solid foundation for your prediction.
    • Try a few different tactics. Select the choice that best satisfies your needs. Keep in mind that live betting offers you the exceptional chance to change your preferred strategies as the game develops.
    • Use marketing campaigns. Even if you fail, you won’t lose much money, and it might even teach you something that will help you succeed in the future.

Indibet Live Cricket FAQ’s

Yes, the mobile app’s push notification feature will keep you up to date on all upcoming Cricket events.

Yes, both the Indibet website and the Indibet app allow you to place multiple cricket wagers at once.

Yes, Indibet accepts Indian rupees and caters to Indian customers. In fact, they only permit players from India!