Jhye Richardson’s Injury Woes Continue: Out of ODI Tour of India and Unlikely for IPL

After being forced to miss Western Australia’s Marsh Cup final matchup against South Australia due to a reoccurring hamstring issue,

espncricinfo Since June 2022, Jhye Richardson has not appeared for Australia

After a long hiatus from cricket, Jhye Richardson was eagerly looking forward to making a comeback. However, fate had other plans for the Australian cricketer. In a heartbreaking turn of events, Richardson has been ruled out of Australia’s ODI tour of India, and his stint with the Mumbai Indians in the upcoming IPL season is also unlikely. The reason for this sudden setback? A hamstring injury recurrence during his first game back after the initial injury occurred during the Big Bash League.

Richardson had been out of action for over two months, hoping to return to competitive cricket after straining his hamstring on January 4. Initially diagnosed as a minor injury, his recovery was slower than expected, forcing him to miss out on the BBL finals and subsequent Marsh Cup and Sheffield Shield cricket matches. However, his performance prior to the injury made it clear that he was a valuable asset to the Australian cricket team. The news of his recurrence is a significant blow to the team, and they will have to look for alternative options to fill the void left by Richardson’s absence. With the ODI tour of India fast approaching, the Australian team is already feeling the pressure to find an adequate replacement for the talented fast bowler.


Jhye Richardson’s absence from the Australian cricket team has not gone unnoticed, and the news of his injury recurrence comes at a time when the team was counting on him for the upcoming ODI tour of India. Richardson’s prolonged absence from cricket had already dealt a heavy blow to his team’s performance, forcing them to seek replacements for his position. Despite this setback, the team was hoping for Richardson to make a full recovery in time for the ODI tour, but it seems like his injury has persisted.

Now that Richardson is not on the roster, the Australian cricket team is looking for fill-in players to take his position. In an attempt to find a suitable replacement, Nathan Ellis, who has played in three ODIs, has taken Richardson’s place. Ellis only has a few games under his belt, so the squad will have to rely on him to step up and take Richardson’s place. If the Australian team is to bounce back from this setback and perform to their standards during the ODI visit of India, they will need to put in a lot of work.

Making his comeback to competitive cricket after being sidelined for nearly two months due to a hamstring injury, Jhye Richardson took the field on Saturday for his club team Fremantle in a 50-over match against Wanneroo in Perth. The match was seen as a crucial test for the Australian fast bowler, as he had been out of action since straining his hamstring during a Big Bash League match on January 4. With the ODI tour of India and the IPL looming, Richardson’s participation in the match was a vital step in his journey to recovery.

Despite the high hopes for his comeback, Richardson’s participation in the Marsh Cup final for his country of origin remains doubtful. Following his four-over spell for Fremantle, during which he took three wickets for just five runs, the fast bowler left the field due to his injury recurrence. It was a disappointing turn of events for Richardson and his team, as they had hoped to see him return to top form and represent Australia in the upcoming tour. However, with his injury once again casting a shadow over his future in the sport, Richardson’s chances of participating in the Marsh Cup final and his IPL stint with the Mumbai Indians remain uncertain.

Jhye Richardson’s injury recurrence during his first game back for Fremantle, despite his best attempts to play again, proved to be a setback in his recovery. His on-field effort was admirable; in his four overs, he took three wickets for just five runs. His involvement in the upcoming ODI tour of India and the IPL, however, is in question after his injury forced him to leave the field and go straight for a scan.

Despite his best efforts to return to the game, Jhye Richardson’s injury recurrence during his first game back for Fremantle proved to be a setback in his journey to recovery. His performance on the field was commendable, taking three wickets for only five runs in the four overs that he played. However, his injury forced him to leave the field and head straight for a scan, casting doubt over his participation in the upcoming ODI tour of India and the IPL.

Following his departure from the field, Richardson consulted with the WA medical staff at the WACA grounds to determine the extent of his injury. His unfortunate string of soft-tissue injuries over the past two seasons has made his recovery a priority for both his team and the medical staff. Despite his impressive track record and valuable contributions to the team, his susceptibility to these injuries has left many questioning his future in the sport. Nevertheless, Richardson remains hopeful for a quick recovery and looks forward to returning to the game stronger than ever before.

In addition to the serious shoulder injury he sustained in 2019, Richardson has endured a terrible run of soft-tissue injuries over the previous two seasons. In Adelaide in December 2021, his first Test match after hurting his right shoulder, he picked up his first five-wicket haul. However, a persistent heel injury prevented him from playing in the following Test, and he hasn’t played Test cricket since.

In June 2022, he participated in the T20I and ODI series on the tour of Sri Lanka. However, he was limited to just two Sheffield Shield games and one Marsh Cup match before the BBL because of soft tissue issues during WA’s disrupted preseason before the domestic summer season began in October.

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