After Sunday’s “nightmare,” Yash Dayal’s father was comforted by Hardik in a leading role


The left-arm fast bowler scored five straight sixes in the final over as Rinku Singh led KKR to an unlikely victory.

One day after Gujarat Titans fast bowler Yash Dayal gave up five sixes to Kolkata Knight Riders batsman Rinku Singh in the final over, the fast bowler’s father has stated that his teammates, led by skipper Hardik Pandya, consoled him in the locker room.

After the bowler gave up the most To lose an IPL game, a team had to score 31 runs in the last over. Sunday night after midnight, Dayal spoke to his father. He claimed that the rainy weather made it difficult for him to handle the ball.

On Monday, Chandrapal Dayal told PTI, “Yesterday was a nightmare.” They forced Yash to sit in the middle of the changing room and comforted him. Later, they enjoyed lighthearted time with him while dancing and listening to naach-gaana.

“He informed me that he was not keeping a firm grasp on the game that night because he missed his yorkers, and somehow the ball was slipping away.” Even a slower one he tried throwing from the back of his hand was crushed.


Only one messenger should have been speaking to Dayal


Yash Dayal tried everything in his final stint at BCCI, but nothing succeeded.

The fact that Dayal plays domestic cricket for the same team as Rinku in Uttar Pradesh suggests that the batter’s knowledge of the bowler’s strategies may have aided him in chasing the unlikely final-over target. Chandrapal claimed that his son would be stronger after the experience.

“They knew each other very well, so he [Rinku] just had to smash every ball. It might have been useful for Rinku, and Dayal was having a bad day. Many great cricketers have experienced it.” These are the situations that makeup sport.” You will also experience failures in life, but it’s crucial to bounce back stronger.

After Rinku blasted his first three full tosses for sixes, Dayal suffered the price for missing his yorker lengths on three separate occasions. His half-tracker was talked over long-on, and his final delivery was flat-batted down the field for an additional six runs. After the game, the announcer’s camera saw the Knight Riders jubilantly celebrating. Still, it also captured Dayal on his knees, wiping his forehead and receiving pats from his teammates. Amit Pal, Dayal’s coach, claimed Sunday was not Dayal’s day.

Pal told PTI, “He bowls the yorker so brilliantly but couldn’t get one last night. Maybe the pressure got to him. Perhaps it was because Rinku, who knew him well from their junior camp days, was on the other end.

Before the IPL 2022, the Titans signed Dayal, who helped the team win the previous year’s trophy. He has been pricey and wicketless this season, giving up 69 runs in four overs on Sunday after giving up 14 runs in one – in his first game and 12 runs in one over in his second game.


Early in his career, Yash Dayal never imagined having his “Chetan Sharma moment.”

The upset UP left-arm was on his haunches and heading back to Allahabad after being hit for five consecutive sixes by Rinku Singh, a fellow state player. Mother Radha Dayal stopped eating and was inconsolable.

In a conversation, his father, Chandrapal Dayal, remarked, “That was a nightmare yesterday.

Shuchi, his nutritionist daughter, cared for her mother and managed his younger brother’s nutritional requirements.

Chandrapal, who had played Vizzy Trophy for North Zone Universities back then, is a strong man, as fathers typically need to be.

“These are the situations that makeup sport.” Chandrapal remarked, “It’s necessary to stand up stronger even when you encounter failures.

But he will always be grateful to Titans captain Hardik Pandya and the rest of his squad, who didn’t abandon him and made an effort to lift his spirits.

Everyone on the team kept him company back at the hotel, even captain Hardik Pandya, who wasn’t available as Rashid Khan managed the game against KKR.

They forced him to sit in the middle and comforted him. His father added, “Later, there was naach-gaana (dancing, music), and they spent some fun moments with him.

Dayal Senior contacted his son late at night and spoke with him.

captain Hardik Pandya comforted him in the locker room

“He informed me that he was not keeping a firm grasp on the game that night because he missed his yorkers, and somehow the ball was slipping away.” Chandrapal claimed, “Even when He also attempted a slower one, which was unsuccessfully destroyed.

It wasn’t Chandrapal’s day, and he believes Rinku’s knowledge of his bowling approach also worked against him.

“As they are familiar with one another, he (Rinku) only had to smash every ball. Rinku could have found it helpful, but it was not Rinku’s day. This has been experienced by many great cricketers, including Chetan Sharma, “Added he.

Yash, an Uttar Pradesh-born left-arm swing bowler, was chosen by the Gujarat Titans after taking 14 wickets in the Vijay Hazare Trophy in 2021.

He recently bowled for India against WI in the nets and finished the Vijay Hazare Trophy season among the top 10 wicket-takers.

Yash is a top student who earned honors in psychology from SHUATS University in Allahabad with a grade point average of at least 80%.

He’s God’s gift as a cricketer; I never had to instruct him what to do. I gave him more mental fortitude, he claimed.

Coach Amit Pal predicted that Yash would bounce back well because he had known him since childhood.

“He had a bad day. He bowls Yorkers so well, but last night he was unsuccessful. He might have succumbed to pressure. Perhaps it was because Rinku, who knew him well from their junior camp days, was on the other end: “The trainer calculated.


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