BCCI Increases Prize Money for Domestic Tournaments, Ranji Trophy Winners to Receive ₹5 Crore


The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has announced a significant increase in the prize money for all domestic tournaments, including the prestigious Ranji Trophy. This decision substantially boosts domestic cricketers and aims to encourage increased participation and competitiveness in Indian cricket.

A Boost to Domestic Cricket

A Boost to Domestic Cricket

The BCCI has substantially increased the prize money for all domestic tournaments, with the Ranji Trophy winners now set to receive ₹5 crores, up from the previous ₹2 crores. The move is expected to provide a significant incentive for teams and players participating in the tournament and strengthen the foundation of Indian cricket.


Other tournaments, such as the Irani Cup, Vijay Hazare Trophy, Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy, Duleep Trophy, and women’s cricket competitions, will also increase their prize money. The BCCI’s decision is a testament to its commitment to nurturing domestic talent and ensuring that players receive adequate financial rewards for their efforts on the field.

Impact on Women’s Cricket and Youth Development

The BCCI’s decision to increase prize money for domestic tournaments will also significantly impact women’s cricket in India. The increased financial rewards will incentivize more women to take up the sport professionally and help in the overall growth and development of women’s cricket in the country.


Youth development will also benefit from this decision, as the BCCI has recognized the importance of nurturing young talent and providing them with the necessary resources to excel. The increased prize money will encourage more youngsters to pursue cricket as a viable career option, thus fostering a robust talent pool for the future of Indian cricket.

Enhanced Infrastructure and Facilities for Domestic Cricket

Along with the increased prize money, the BCCI must invest in improving the infrastructure and facilities available for domestic cricket. This includes providing better training facilities, quality pitches, and access to advanced sports science resources to ensure the players’ holistic development. Developing state-of-the-art stadiums and practice facilities nationwide will create a more professional and competitive domestic cricket environment.

By prioritizing improving infrastructure and facilities, the BCCI can create an ecosystem that fosters the growth of cricket talent in India. As a result, domestic players will have access to the necessary resources to hone their skills, enhance their performance, and compete at the highest level.

The Role of State Associations and Franchise Teams

The Role of State Associations and Franchise Teams


State associations and franchise teams are also essential in nurturing domestic cricket talent in India. With the increased prize money, state associations must ensure the proper utilization of funds to support player development and create a solid domestic cricket structure. This entails spending money on coaching, talent-spotting, and giving players chances to compete in games.


Franchise teams, especially those involved in the Indian Premier League (IPL), can contribute to the growth of domestic cricket by identifying and nurturing young talent through their academies and player development programs. These initiatives can help bridge the gap between domestic and international cricket, providing players with exposure to high-pressure match situations and access to global coaching expertise.

Encouraging Corporate Sponsorship for Domestic Teams

Another aspect to consider for enhancing domestic cricket in India is encouraging corporate sponsorship for domestic teams. These sponsorships can provide financial support to the teams and enable them to focus on improving their performance, coaching staff, and infrastructure. Additionally, corporate sponsorships can help promote domestic cricket, making it more visible and accessible to fans nationwide.


Attracting corporate sponsors requires domestic teams to deliver consistent performances and maintain a professional approach to the sport. This, in turn, will create a competitive environment, pushing teams to strive for excellence and contribute to the overall growth of Indian cricket.

Putting a Focus on Mental Health and Well-Being

Putting a Focus on Mental Health and Well-Being

Domestic cricketers’ mental health and well-being should also be a priority for the BCCI, state associations, and franchise teams. Players often face immense pressure and scrutiny while competing in high-stakes tournaments, making it essential to provide them with access to mental health resources and support.


Creating awareness about mental health, providing access to professional psychologists, and establishing a supportive environment can help domestic cricketers cope with the pressures of the game. Prioritizing mental health and well-being will contribute to better on-field performances and ensure the long-term well-being of players as they navigate the challenges of professional cricket.

Fostering Women’s Cricket in India

Another critical aspect to consider is the growth and development of women’s cricket in India. The BCCI should work towards promoting women’s cricket by increasing investment in infrastructure, coaching, and competitive opportunities for female cricketers. This includes organizing more domestic tournaments, providing better facilities, and offering equal opportunities for women to showcase their talent.


To foster the growth of women’s cricket, the BCCI should collaborate with state associations and franchise teams to identify and nurture young female talent through various programs and initiatives. This could involve establishing women’s cricket academies, organizing talent hunts, and creating a robust domestic structure for women’s cricket in India.


Moreover, the BCCI should work towards increasing the visibility of women’s cricket by promoting it through various media channels and ensuring that the matches are telecasted live. This will help create a more extensive fan base and inspire more girls and women to take up the sport, contributing to the overall growth of Indian cricket.


The BCCI’s decision to increase the prize money for domestic tournaments, including the Ranji Trophy, is a significant step towards strengthening the foundation of Indian cricket. The move will not only incentivize players and teams to perform better but also positively impact women’s cricket and youth development. As the cricketing landscape in India continues to evolve, this decision marks a crucial milestone in ensuring the long-term success and growth of the sport in the country.

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