Harbhajan Singh Foresees Imminent India Call-Up for Rinku Singh After IPL Exploits


NEW DELHI – The recent performances of Kolkata Knight Riders’ young left-hander, Rinku Singh, have ignited anticipation for his potential selection for the Indian national cricket team. His outstanding display in the ongoing Indian Premier League (IPL) season has drawn high praise, particularly from former spinner Harbhajan Singh, who believes Rinku’s India cap is not far off.

Rinku Singh’s Stellar IPL Performances Signal a Promising Future in National Team

Rinku Singh has rapidly made a name for himself as a formidable finisher in the IPL 2023 season, racking up an impressive 337 runs at a strike rate of 151 across 11 games. Singh’s noteworthy performance includes an outstanding game where he hit Yash Dayal, a player from the same state, for five consecutive sixes in a match against Gujarat Titans. His agility and dexterity were further demonstrated when he paired with Andre Russell to clinch a close victory against Punjab Kings.


“Rinku’s head is not far from donning that India cap,” Harbhajan Singh told Star Sports, praising the young player’s commitment and determination. “His journey is a life lesson; all young kids should learn from him.”

The optimism around Rinku’s future is wider than Harbhajan Singh’s. Another former India player, Mohammed Kaif, seconded Harbhajan’s view, commenting on Rinku’s maturity on and off the pitch. “Rinku Singh has excellent footwork, knows how to convert his form into good knocks, and understands when to shift gears. He is also capable of hitting big shots,” Kaif said.

As India gears up to play five T20 games in the West Indies and the USA in July, followed by three matches against Afghanistan (home) and Ireland (away), Rinku Singh, Tilak Verma, and Jitesh Sharma are all seen as potential candidates for national selection. With Rinku’s current form in the IPL, his choice for the national team seems increasingly probable, marking an exciting chapter in his cricketing journey.

Rinku Singh: The Journey So Far and What Lies Ahead

Born in Uttar Pradesh, Rinku Singh’s journey to the top echelons of cricket is a testament to hard work, dedication, and an unwavering belief in one’s abilities. Singh’s performances in the current IPL season underline his journey and serve as an inspiration for young cricketers nationwide.


The left-hander’s maturity, excellent footwork, and ability to shift gears when necessary have contributed significantly to his rise. Rinku has become a role model, more than just a cricketer, illustrating the rewards of perseverance and hard work.

Rinku’s ability to convert his form into high-scoring knocks and hit big shots when necessary has earned him high praise. His strategic understanding of the game sets him apart more than his technical skills. Rinku knows when to rotate the strike, hold back, and launch an all-out attack, making him a valuable addition to any team.

The upcoming T20 games in the West Indies and the USA, followed by a series against Afghanistan and Ireland, provide an excellent opportunity for Rinku to showcase his skills on the international stage. The journey from domestic cricket to the IPL, and now potentially to the Indian national team, is a dream that many aspire to. For Rinku Singh, this dream is tantalizingly close to becoming a reality.

While speculation about his national selection is rife, Rinku remains focused on his commitment to the Kolkata Knight Riders. As he steps onto the field, he carries the hopes of millions of fans, all eagerly watching to see if this young talent will soon sport the Indian team’s cap.

Cricketing Fraternity’s Verdict on Rinku Singh

Rinku Singh’s cricketing prowess has not only captured the attention of fans but has also drawn high praise from seasoned cricketers and cricketing experts.

Former spinner Harbhajan Singh has been vocal about his admiration for Rinku, stating that the player’s India cap isn’t far away. His sentiments are echoed by Mohammed Kaif, another cricket veteran, who commends Rinku’s maturity and strategic understanding of the game.


Harbhajan went on to describe Rinku’s journey as a life lesson. “He’s such an inspirational player. He’s run all the hard yards and worked hard to get to where he is today,” Harbhajan commented, acknowledging Rinku’s effort in his cricketing career.

Kaif, on the other hand, praised Rinku’s game strategy. He noted, “Rinku knows how to convert his form into good knocks and also knows when to shift gears. He is capable of hitting big shots as well.” Kaif’s words underscore Rinku’s capability as a well-rounded cricketer, able to adapt to the game’s needs.

As Rinku continues to impress in the IPL, his potential inclusion in the national team generates excitement and anticipation. His ongoing journey is a beacon of hope for young cricket aspirants nationwide.

With the Indian cricket fraternity firmly behind him, Rinku Singh has a promising future. As he strides forward in his career, he is poised not only to leave a mark on the IPL but also to contribute to Indian cricket at an international level significantly.


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