Rohit Sharma: A Captain’s Calmness and Family Strength Propel India’s Test Campaign

Rohit, world cup, wtc final,wtc championship

His 50th Test will be the WTC championship, and if he wins, he may join the elite group of Indian captains.


Rohit, world cup, wtc final,wtc championship
Rohit: The team that best utilises the circumstances will prevail.

Mastering the Circumstances: Rohit Sharma’s Impactful Journey to The Oval

It had been nearly an hour since Ross Taylor’s game-winning run for New Zealand in the 2021 World Test Championship final. The defeated captain of India, Virat Kohli, had wrapped up his press conferences and was on his way back to the hotel while seated in the Ageas Bowl. However, he stopped short on the way there to speak with Rohit Sharma and Ajinkya Rahane.

Even two Junes later, a distinct memory of what was said is still present, even if you couldn’t tell from a distance. Rohit was sideways on the ground, his head resting on his bent elbow. He exuded a sense of comfort. In only his second Test in England following the first in 2014, nothing about the setting suggested he could have been depressed about his pair of thirty.

When the Indian captain of the team went inside, Rohit went back outside to continue playing with his daughter Samaira and Rahane’s daughter Aarya. On a calm afternoon, two friends mingled with their spouses and kids.

Creating compartments has been one of Rohit’s critical abilities. Undoubtedly, the defeat in the WTC final was devastating. Still, perhaps at that very moment, he recognised that turning off and spending time with family and friends was healthier than letting the loss overwhelm him. As India travelled throughout England for the Pataudi Trophy in the following weeks, Rohit continued to spend lots of time with his family.

The journey to England had a significant impact on Rohit in many ways. He finished India’s third-best hitter, just behind Joe Root and Jonny Bairstow. It was his respect for the circumstances more than his runs. He emphasised leaving balls during practice, reprimanding the usual India bowlers who gave him hit-me deliveries. Rohit recognised that for India to have a chance of winning, a robust first-inning score was necessary. He was the only Indian batsman to face more than 1000 deliveries throughout the five Test matches that summer, including the WTC final, demonstrating his willingness to practise restraint. Everything came together in the fourth Test at The Oval when Rohit’s match-winning innings of 127 helped India win the vital match.

It was Rohit’s first Test century played outside of India, and it is still one of his best.

On Wednesday, Rohit will pitch at The Oval in another World Cup final against Australia, a team he is well accustomed to facing. Rohit will not be unaware of the gravity of the situation, though he won’t show it or act showy.

Rohit, world cup, wtc final,wtc championship
Rohit nearly always appears unaffected and at ease, whether it be during a news conference or on the pitch

His 50th Test will also be the championship. Injuries, poor form, and an unbeatable Indian middle order have all contributed to Rohit’s lack of reaching 100 Test appearances, unlike his contemporaries Kohli and Cheteshwar Pujara. It’s a milestone that many would have anticipated when he first came, but Rohit’s beauty is in the absence of uncertainty. R Sharma developed into a natural leader because of his belief—which he had to learn—in the importance of being present in the moment and his tactical acumen.

In 2013, the Mumbai Indians selected him as captain after realising this. It was a choice that was made with the future in mind. Despite frequently not being the best batsman on his teams, Rohit has subsequently more than justified his value with five IPL championships. But he has also contributed to the growth of young athletes who flock to him like wise men, giving them peace and a sense of lightness. Both are crucial under the IPL’s strain.

Rohit has always lived by the motto, “Be true to yourself,” and he wants kids to be able to follow suit. He also leads by giving players room to develop. R Sharma was asked at the media conference on Tuesday what advice Sharma would give Shubman Gill. His response was to continue to bat as he had in 2023 when he amassed three tonnes for Gujarat Titans in the IPL, two double-centuries in ODIs, and centuries in Test cricket. “Just about giving him more and more confidence,” R Sharma stated.

Rohit is a skipper who is a lot like MS Dhoni in that he, too, believes in the process. If you listen to Rohit, mental readiness is the foundation of his success. The only thing that separates Rohit from Dhoni is his strong desire to capture “championships” or international trophies.

And Rohit now has the chance to achieve a long-lasting triumph that will ensure his legacy and be just as significant as any of India’s past world championships.

Rohit, world cup, wtc final,wtc championship
One of Rohit’s best shots was his game-winning century at The Oval in 2021

“I was hired to make sure that we advance Indian cricket every single time. When asked what type of legacy he would like to leave, Rohit responded, “Whoever it is, whether it’s me or someone else – even the men before – their duty was to move Indian cricket ahead and win as many games, as many titles as possible.

“I desire victory in both games and titles. You play for the goal. It will be fantastic to win some championships and outstanding series. Worrying about or overthinking these kinds of things should not place undue strain on us. Before I leave this work, it would be excellent if I won one or two titles.

The 2007 World T20 was Rohit’s first significant victory as a 20-year-old. He was devastated to have missed the ODI World Cup victory four years later after failing to put together the necessary performance to make the squad. The last time India won an ICC championship was in 2013 when he won the Champions Trophy. With five centuries throughout the 2019 World Cup, sharma ended as the competition’s top run-maker, but he was heartbroken when India lost in the semifinal.

His team lost in the 2022 T20 World Cup semifinals in Australia, his first ICC competition as captain, following an onslaught from England. Last year, Rohit was named India’s captain across all forms. He has led India in all six home matches against Australia, winning four and losing one.

Thus, his first international Test as captain will be the WTC final. At 36, he can leave a lasting legacy if he wins the WTC championship. India is neither a horrible Test team nor R Sharma a lousy captain just because they lost against Australia. But winning it may mark a turning point in Rohit’s Test career, raising him to the level of the best.

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